Stay My Hand

Everyone struggles with hypocrisy.  At times our hypocrisy is quite public and other times –not so much.

Everyone of us can think of another who has fallen. I sure can!!  Or even worse, in their falling we were collateral damage.

I am sure that everyone reading this knows that we ALL have our broken – hidden places.  But did you know that sometimes seeing the brokenness-es of others will dim our view of ours. That is why so many people get inordinately engulfed in the sad revelations of others.  Even happy to pass the news on (It is because it’s a temporary, bitter and unhealthy type of relief.  Yet relief non-the-less)

Be Careful.   Live Careful.

Look on others carefully lest you become more engaged with looking than doing something about your not so public broken – hidden places.

Here are some of my determinations….

  • I want to dole out the same grace to others that I would hope to receive.
  • I want to be bigger than my hurt.
  • I don’t want to slaughter another in the courts of public opinion.

Sure pain wants me to lash out, but grace stays my hand.     Oh God…..Stay My Hand