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Sometimes You Just Have To Wait.

Two years ago today my husband of (then) 27 years and father of our two wonderful sons divided out his portion of the contents of our shared life, packed it up and drove out of my life forever. Just five days earlier he told me that is what he was going to do– and he … Continue reading


Fluid Words

I saw this posted on a FaceBook conversation earlier today. Made me start to think. You see, the word bigotry sure has had a unique turn around. Sometimes now, it is those yelling “intolerance” who have become the bigots.  Ironically, they themselves have become intolerant and even vitriolic towards those with respectful yet differing opinions. … Continue reading


Stay My Hand

Everyone struggles with hypocrisy.  At times our hypocrisy is quite public and other times –not so much. Everyone of us can think of another who has fallen. I sure can!!  Or even worse, in their falling we were collateral damage. I am sure that everyone reading this knows that we ALL have our broken – … Continue reading