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OH, CRAmP!@#!

I was awakened in the middle of the night with such a cramp in my calf.  Sweet thoughts of cupcakes and rainbows were suddenly far from me.  What the heck, it is as if there is a coup going on in my body.  One part trying to overthrow the rest.  I don’t know about you, but when one muscle starts to cramp, it seems like every other muscle nearby decides to join in the fun.  I jump out of bed and try to walk it off or attempt some other desperate activity to get it to stop.  Yet, everytime that happens I am sure to do something else…..I try to figure out what I am missing.

You see, the human body is amazing, cell, sinew and muscle all working in happy rhythm with each other.  Take away even just one element necessary for proper functioning and suddenly -REVOLT.  For me it is usually water that I lack.  Simple ole water.  Other times I figure out that I need more Potassium or Calcium in my diet. (missing those 2 is notorious for cramps)

Cool, huh? If I want cramp free living, I have got to be intentional about taking care of my body.

Which leads me to another thought…..
There is another element in my life that also gets cramped (rigid, inflexible, deficient and in pain) when not intentionally taken care of; my inner self.  It too is comprised of a multitude of unique elements that  work in happy rhythm with each other.   Take away just one element and REVOLT!  (sound familiar?) 

Just like my calf muscle that seems hell-bent on taking my whole leg down with it, my “self”  will also do the same.  The sad thing is, that when I am cramping up in that way, I do not usually try to figure out what is missing.  I forget that there is supposed to be an equilibraim of sorts, all the while cursing the day.  

 At times I stay there  for days;  frozen by the pain, numb from the onslaught and hopeless that anything will change.  How is it I can look at my calf and figure out what is missing and not look at my soul and do the same? 

Someone ought to write a book call “The Care and Feeding of the Soul”

Actually, there is a book that does address the care and feeding of the soul.  It just goes by a different title.  I happen to know the Author personally.  In conversation, He will often will nudge me, remind me of the things that I already know to do.  When I am not sure, I will go read His words…..it is as if He wrote that book just for me.

I know, I know…..I took the metaphor to far.  Should be called a meta-far.  LOL! 

Bottom line is this, don’t you think it is prudent to care for the soul as much as the physical body? 

I am not talking about a stringent set of rules.  I am talking about an active and engaged soul that embraces all of life.  All of Him (because He is life after all) Relishes every drop of what makes us who we are!  Living purposefully, intentionally and OUT LOUD.

What are some of the things, that when absent from your life, cause you to cramp up in your soul?

What do you do to keep from cramping in your soul?

I would love to know…..