Sometimes You Just Have To Wait.

Two years ago today my husband of (then) 27 years and father of our two wonderful sons divided out his portion of the contents of our shared life, packed it up and drove out of my life forever.

Just five days earlier he told me that is what he was going to do– and he did.

And I heard “wait”.

I dismissed that thought as if I was swatting a gnat away from my face.  You see, sometimes the swirl of events that kick up the dust in our souls cause us to miss subtle whisperings.

Ten weeks later he was granted his divorce against me.

And I heard “wait”.

Ten weeks after that he was married again.

And I heard “wait“.

I have to tell you….waiting is not one of my strong suites.

Neither is weathering the storm of betrayal and pain.

But I kept hearing “wait”


You have to know something about me….I chronicle my life through song and written word.

And for two years –I have been silent….thankfully so.

Otherwise I would have simply added to the thousands of already written  betrayal  anger  rage filled works that currently exist.

But I did not……because I waited.




Sit…………looking back over my last two years, grateful for the subtle promptings that told me to wait.

So that we are clear.

This post is not going to be about–

the betrayed wife traded in for another,

the abandoned friend who is yesterdays news,

or the concerned mother watching the reelings of her children.

This post is about waiting.  Because everything looks different with the perspective of time added into the mix.

I remember when Hurricane Andrew TOTALED our house.  We were devastated and literally had to rebuild our house from the bottom up.  At the time we thought “how horrible, what devastation, our lives are shattered!” But after time, we came to see what a blessing it was in our life.  Through some wise dealings and hard labor, our mortgage was paid off and we had a rebuilt house, albeit after living two years in a single wide trailer that had been set up on our property.  Nonetheless, our life was changed for the better after such trauma.

Who would have thought!! 

I am sure had someone said to us at the time, “This will be a blessing to you , praise the Lord!”- dental work would have been in their future.

I guess they too heard “wait”

I think we often will jump to the conclusion that something is BAD…..I am not so sure any more.  The event or incident is too close to us.  Given the perspective of time, things will reveal themselves.

If we wait,

sometimes our hearts reveal themselves.

If we wait,

sometimes the truth will reveal itself.

Sometimes you just have to wait.